In honor of my Irish AF roots getting excited about corned beef 24/7, we’ve got a holiday coming up.. luckily for y’all, I’ve got an “every day meal”.. Reuben tacos bro. Like get excited!!
So I got a corned beef roast and threw it in the slow cooker for 12 hours.. presented is glorious deliciousness!

Flour tortillas do the job. I got the street taco version because it worked. Corn would also be delicious.

For the sauce, it was simple. Equal parts mayonnaise (best foods/Helmans because I’m a mayo brat), ketchup, and horseradish, with a couple cracks of black pepper and salt. 

Fresh cabbage is key. It needs to be crunchy and delicious!

Throw it all together and create a masterpiece! 


Add potato chips because you can’t have it without. We are traditionalist after all 🤗🇮🇪