In honor of superbowl, I thought it would be fun to make some themed treats for the game. The ingredients are simple really.. Chocolate and peanut butter. It’s rocket science really. My personal spin that I give is the uses of PBFit powdered peanut butter. Not only does it make the cups more savory, but using the powder contains 90% less calories and saturated fats and oils that regular peanut butter has. Not saying that it’s bad, because realistically ALL peanut butter is perfect.

So to start, melt semi sweet chocolate in your choice of melting device. It doesnt take long but it is tedious.



Realistically, tempering chocolate is hella cathardic.

While thats melting, go ahead and mix your pb mix. It’s as simple and just adding water.


Roll the mixture into balls and set aside.


Fill lined muffin tins and start to pour your chocolate. smacking the tin on the counter will work out any residual bubbles or imperfections in the chocolate. Shore up the chocolate slightly onto the sides of the liners to make a little lip. This will help seal the peanut butter inside.


Put your tray into the freezer for about 5 minutes to set the chocolate. When you pull it out, the chocolate will be hard and ready to work with. Revisit the balled peanut butter. Place a ball in each tin and press down to form a patty roughly the same since as the well in your chocolate. DSC_1052.JPG

Final step is to top each tin with the rest of the tempered chocolate, repeating the same setting to reduce bubbles.

Let sit for roughly 2 hours in room temperature and you’ve got yourself a wonderful, pretty healthy treat!

Now, seeing as I was going for a theme, I thought it would be appropriate to jazz them up a bit in team related colors for the Falcons and the Pats.


And being the creative bug that I am, why not make it fun.. Presentation is EVERYTHING!!


Happy Superbowl fellow foodies! (GO FALCONS)