Hey there fellow food lovers!


As an initial post, I thought I’d share a dessert full of good tidings and incredible flavor.. which is technically lean and mean and under your normal dessert calorie intake. Shoot, this is under your normal beverage caloric intake due to the low amount of actual dairy that goes into this treat.

The ingrdients..

  • Fat free plain Greek yogurt
  • pure honey
  • blueberries
  • 1 Acai pack from the Costco multi pack
  • 1 lemon, juice and zest

This dessert is all about layering.. hopefully you have a standard popsicle receptical. It’s necessary for the treat.

It’s simple really.. place a couple of heaping spoonfuls of the yogurt into a bowl. zest one small lemon into the yogurt, and squeeze half of that same lemon’s juice into the mixture. Add in roughly 2 tablespoons of honey into the bowl and mix thorughly. this will be the first step of filling your popsicle mold. Accordingly, throw in a few fresh blueberries on top of the yougurt mixture inside of the mold.

Next is the addition of the Acai pack. In the same bowl, add in another few heaping spoonfuls of yogurt and mix in the acai pack with a teaspoon of honey. the mixture will turn a light shade of burgundy, and will smell delicious. poor about a half inch of the mixture into each mold.. add in several blueberries to each mold and then top off the rest of the mixture to fill the mold.

Freeze for roughly 24 hours before consuming, so the yogurt, citrus, and berries have plenty enough time set and combine.

I hope yall enjoy this healthy dessert as much as I did.. and as much as my fur baby Olivia did…