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Cauliflower Hot Wings, Buffalo Chicken Dip, and Brussel sprout slaw 2 ways



Easter Seafood Special 

So as an ode to my family and my lineage, I thought I'd share with y'all my Easter spread.. especially since we spent 3 days prepping it hahhha I give you.. glorious food!! We has the fantastic pleasure of creating... Continue Reading →

Double Down chocolate French Macarons 

So I made a solid attempt at French macarons today.. needless to say, they are easier to buy hahaha but I managed to sort out a few that don't look absolutely awful for a photo. I mean, they taste incredible!... Continue Reading →

St Patty’s Tacos

In honor of my Irish AF roots getting excited about corned beef 24/7, we've got a holiday coming up.. luckily for y'all, I've got an "every day meal".. Reuben tacos bro. Like get excited!! So I got a corned beef... Continue Reading →

Italian/American Friday dinner meal

So I decided today after making food all week that I'd make a killer meal with leftovers meeting homemade goodies.. Italian style meatball sandwiches with French fries and homemade ranch.. So for the bread.. I make homemade rolls A delicious... Continue Reading →

San Diego

So this is not a food post.. but a wonderful display of what our gorgeous planet has to offer us from wonderful San Diego county... 

Fit Peanut Butter cups

In honor of superbowl, I thought it would be fun to make some themed treats for the game. The ingredients are simple really.. Chocolate and peanut butter. It's rocket science really. My personal spin that I give is the uses... Continue Reading →

Giardiniera Pizza Rolls

Alright folks, this one is an out of the park, no questions asked, bing bang boom dish that will knock your socks off at any time of the day.. Giardiniera pizza rolls, because we all need meat, cheese, and bread... Continue Reading →

The Initial Roll Call

Hey there fellow food lovers! As an initial post, I thought I'd share a dessert full of good tidings and incredible flavor.. which is technically lean and mean and under your normal dessert calorie intake. Shoot, this is under your... Continue Reading →

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